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Frequently Asked Questions -

What is ? is a free search engine, which accesses entries from web search engines and databases. It aggregates, filters and sorts them according to proprietary relevant criteria, in order to deliver the highest quality and most relevant search results for each search query.

Can I add my page / website on ?, functions as a search engine, does not maintain its own database, and unfortunately it is therefore not possible to directly enter website URLS at Please contact the respective search engine providers to add your page / website there.

Can I remove a page / website from the results ?, functions as a search engine but neither owns nor maintains a proprietary website database. The results displayed are exclusively retrieved via external search engine providers. To remove your search results for websites, please refer to the respective data source(s) listed in your results.

Can I also use on my cell/mobile phone or tablet ?

Yes, without any problems. Our website automatically recognizes it, when you access our search via your mobile/cell phone or tablet. The search results will then be automatically adapts as per your device. © 2018