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The following terms of use apply to the website of They do not apply to other websites to which we merely refer to by a link.

Access to our website.

We provide our website free of charge and without access restrictions. Using our website or contacting us does not constitute any contractual relationship with us. We are not obliged to make our website available without interruptions.
We reserve the right to modify, to update, to amend or to delete information in total or in part without prior notice and to our sole discretion.

Search options.

The subject of our website is an internet search engine. We enable our users a simultaneous search across websites. To use our search engine, enter a word you are looking for, in the search field and use click onto "Search" with your mouse cursor. You will then receive an overview of the hits we found. When you click onto a hit, you will be routed to the retrieved website.

Information about goods and services.

Our website is not an online shop. You cannot order any goods or services from us. When you click onto a hit displaying a product offer, we route you to the website of a third party. The information on the goods or services detailed on the hit list of our search engine stem from the providers of these goods and services, and not from us. We are not obliged to maintain information on our website up-to-date, complete or accurate.

Responsibility., functions as a search engine but neither owns nor maintains a proprietary website database. The results displayed are exclusively retrieved via external search engine providers. Hence we do not have any responsibility for the data shown in our website.

Prohibition of illicit use of our website.

The user is not authorized to make illicit use of our website, intervene in the services provided or access the services in any other manner than via the user interface and/or interface provided in our website. The user must adhere to the provisions stored in the robots.txt files of said services. The user is prohibited automated access to the services via, for example, robots or scripts. It is prohibited by law to copy a database in its entirety, or to copy, distribute or communicate to the public a qualitative or quantitative substantial portion of a database. The repeated or systematical reproduction, distribution or communication to the public of qualitatively and quantitatively insubstantial parts of the database shall be deemed as equivalent to the reproduction, distribution or communication of a qualitatively or quantitatively substantial part of the database provided that these acts run counter to a normal exploitation of the database or unreasonably prejudice the legitimate interests of the database proprietor. Imperative legal exceptions remain unaffected. © 2018